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About Us

Hi! My name is Breanna, thank you for choosing Hagrid's Buntique where we have tons of safe and affordable items for your rabbits and even yourself! 


I'm the owner of a medically inclined rescue called Hagrid's Haven. Our rescue was formed when I was contacted to assist in looking into a hoarding situation. I was asked to do visual exams and document the home along with injuries/illnesses. Multiple organizations were involved however she would only release the rabbits to me under the promise that I'd personally get them the help they required. 12 in total were pulled from the home and surrendered into my care. With nowhere for them to go and medical attention needed asap, our rescue was formed that day. My personal funds went towards the recovery of all 12 rabbits to make sure they would be ok. This is when I realized the need for a medically inclined rescue as there are none in all of Canada. With most established rescues not being willing or able to take on these medical cases due to the financial burden, time/travel required for their care, provide the at home care they required, etc I felt it was our duty to form a rescue dedicated to these ones in need.

I started as a foster and worked my way up to running the rescue I was volunteering for. Having the experience of running a rescue while also handling all their medical cases, allowed me the opportunity to align myself to be able to open my rescue while having a firm background knowledge in common illnesses, conditions, and injuries. 


Rabbits are not inexpensive to own or care for as a foster, for this reason, I have tried my hardest to bring you chews and other items that are safe and affordable.


With all proceeds going directly back into the rescue, with every purchase you'll be helping rescued rabbits receive medical care along with helping to cover their basic expenses. 

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